Supplementary Materials: Various Materials

The following Documents were created by the International Standards program during development of the Standards referenced below. These files are published separately from and are a part of, but not official content of, a Standard or Safety Guideline.



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Committee / Applicable Standard

Example COO of Gas Delivery Systems Spreadsheet from SEMI E140-0618

Standards - Metrics / SEMI E140-0618

Download E140-0618_COOGDSMODEL_V0.XLSX 73.8K



Standards - MEMS / NEMS / SEMI MS13-0221

Download 22MMX22MM_RETICLE.GDS 1.0K


SEMI E160-0211 Communication Template

Standards - Information & Control / SEMI E160-0211

Download E160-0211-COMMUNICATION-TEMPLATE-2010_08_26.XLS 99.5K


SEMI E183-00-spec-helper.xlsx

Standards - Automated Test Equipment / SEMI E183-1121

Download SEMI_E183-00-SPEC-HELPER.XLSX 582.6K


SEMI S23 Various Materials

Standards - EHS / SEMI S23-1021

Download S23_EXCEL_FILES.ZIP 1.0K


Supplementary Material for SEMI E132.2-0422

Standards - Information & Control / SEMI E132.2-0422

Download SEMIE132-2-0422-HELPER.PROTO 0.0K


Supplementary Material for SEMI E179-0320

Standards - Information & Control / SEMI E179-0320

Download SEMIE179-0320-HELPER.PROTO 27.9K


Various Material for SEMI E164-0414

Standards - Information & Control / SEMI E164-0414

Download E164-00-1113-VM.ZIP 124.2K


Various Material for SEMI E172-0118

Standards - Information & Control / SEMI E172-0118

Download E172-00-0118-VM.ZIP 36.7K



Standards - 3D Packaging and Integration / SEMI 3D17-1217

Download VOIDMASK010311-4X.GDS 350.0K